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Sizing and Measurements

All our items are measured carefully to ensure that you receive the right size.  We highly recommend that you check all of our measurements before making your purchase as although we offer refunds and exchanges, our items can sell quickly and you may miss out on an exchange in your size. 

We measure all of our items by laying them flat and measuring straight across with the garment unstretched.  If the fabric is stretchy, the product details will state how much. 

We give the garment measurements in our product details instead of the body measurements as we find it is far more accurate to note the actual measurements than to estimate who it may fit. Some garments are intended to be fitted and others worn loose, and STUNTgirls firmly believe that the amount of stretch (if any) is left up to the buyer to decide what they find comfortable, not us. 

If you are unsure whether the item's measurements may actually fit, we recommend finding a similar garment in your wardrobe and comparing the measurements with that. Don't forget to compare the potential for stretch also.

If you want to work out whether the garment will fit you without comparing it with another item, follow these steps: take the measurement (eg, 40cm) and double it (eg, 80cm), then consider the stretch (eg, 13cm) and double that (eg, 26cm). Add the doubled measurements together and you can see that the garment would fit someone within the measurements of 80cm (unstretched) and 106cm (fully stretched). If you fall comfortably between the two measurements the garment will fit you. If you fall closer to the fully stretched figure, the garment is either intended to be fitted or you might want to consider going up a size.

As Australia does not have standardised sizing, it can be difficult estimating what measurement equals what size, especially as most garments are Alpha-sized (S, M, L, XL etc). Plus, as most of our items are imported from the USA and are tagged using American sizing standards, they can sometimes be very different to Australian sizes. This means it is even more important to check your measurements.

All STUNTgirls measurements are approximate, but as accurate as we can measure. We certainly do our best to get it right!

If you want to ask us any questions regarding sizing on any of STUNTgirls garments or any particular measurements that we haven't covered in our listings, please feel free to contact us at and we will try our hardest to help.

For a free downloadable measuring tape, click here!

If you are still unsure, we offer a FREE Online Fitting Service! Just email us your measurements and the item(s) you are interested in and we will advise you on which size would suit you best.